Re: “Letter to the editor: Result proves Sanders should have borne standard” (Nov. 17):

Where does letter writer Cynthia Callnan get off calling her fellow citizens a degrading name like “The Marching Morons”? That stance will not go a long way in healing our country.

If someone disagrees with you, that does not mean the person is “uneducated,” a racist or a bigot. When are we going to begin to listen to each other and have civil dialogues with each other? Name calling doesn’t cut it.

The Democratic Party may have lost this election because they did not hear or were not concerned with the “Marching Morons.”

The Democratic candidate and the Democratic Party lost because they are out of touch with the concerns of a populace that is not aligned with movements, but more concerned about unemployment, health care and national security.

Sadly, Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic leader who has the courage to call it like it is and take ownership of the failure of the party to listen.

Mary R. Norton

South Portland