‘Nauseating” is not a strong enough word for Tribune News Service columnist Gina Barreca’s rant in the Nov. 12 Portland Press Herald (Page A7) that “women voted for (Donald) Trump and against Hillary (Clinton) in startling numbers, perhaps because of their own self-loathing or their resentment at another woman’s success.”

Ms. Barreca, a professor of English literature and feminist theory at the University of Connecticut, gives life to Fordham Associate Professor Charles C. Camosy’s column the very next day, headlining the Insight section of the Maine Sunday Telegram, titled “It’s their education, stupid” (Page D1).

Professor Camosy maintains that overwhelmingly left-wing academia, where liberal professors “outnumber conservatives 5-to-1,” has produced a “monolithic, insulated political culture in the vast majority of our colleges and universities” that issues forth graduates (and professors, too, it would seem ) “unable to understand people with unfamiliar or heterodox views on guns, abortion, religion, marriage, gender and privilege.”

Thus, says Camosy, “the college educated find themselves so unable to understand a particular working-class point of view that they will respond to those perspectives with shocking condescension.”

And shockingly condescending it is to attribute female support of Donald Trump to “self-loathing” and “resentment.” Only someone like a liberal, feminist academic, isolated from the norms and values of “flyover country,” could be “startled” that working-class women who’d been labeled “deplorables” by Hillary would pull the lever for Donald. Loathsome indeed.

The 40 percent of Americans who have a college degree should note that 60 percent of Americans don’t – and they vote.

Given the choice between the country’s future being charted by professors of feminist theory or by the wives of, say, plumbers, I’ll take the wives of plumbers every time.

An every-other-week column in the Press Herald is a plum spot. Is out-of-stater Gina Barreca the best you can do?

Correction: This story was updated at 11:05 a.m. on Nov. 20, 2016 to correct the name of the author.