Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote by around 1.5 million and the number keeps rising.

Now, this is more than some presidents have won by, so let me be clear: The Republican agenda is certainly lacking a mandate, and no matter how the leadership, spins or twists reality, the fact remains they are not speaking for the American people.

Speaker Paul Ryan has already stated that Medicare is toast, and I’m sure Social Security is in his sights as well. My goodness, anyone with an internet connection can do a Google search and find countless, painless ways to fix both Medicare and Social Security.

Why is it that in this country, we are so afraid of programs that are for the common good of everyone, yet, we, without hesitation, spend countless trillions on guns (defense spending) and nothing on “butter”? It is time for the silent majority to speak up!

Edmond Labore Jr.