It was distressing last summer to see so many trees being cut down on Interstate 295. The Maine Department of Transportation threw out some rationalization about making it easier for drivers to see deer in case they run out onto the road.

With a second year of tree removal, this does not hold water. A recent trip to Waterville was enough proof that this is not the true reason.

Trees have been cut on the median south of Exit 130, and I wonder how many deer have been seen there, especially as it is not a wide median.

The timber harvesting is more extensive than last year; whole swaths of trees have been cut down, and there are more areas where this is occurring. Not only that, but what is left is depressing to look at – stumps of varying heights and mutilated trees with broken branches.

What an ugly sight for the tourists! And what about those of us who live here, and have to see this desecration regularly?

I can’t help but wonder which of Gov. LePage’s buddies is profiting from this. Is this what is meant by “Maine – the way life should be”?

Christine Fleuriel


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