It’s a delight to use the new bridge over the Saco River, between Hollis and Bar Mills, and be reminded that everyday objects can be things of genuine beauty. The new bridge was built for $7.4 million by Wyman and Simpson, according to one online story I found, and replaces an iron truss bridge dating from the 1930s.

The old bridge had its charms, but it was falling apart. The new bridge was built just yards upstream. During many months of construction, travelers along Route 4A could watch the new bridge taking shape as they crossed the river. But in the last four months of construction, the old bridge had to be closed. I could only imagine how the engineers would manage to connect the dots. How would they get the new roadway through the cluster of houses on the western shore over to the other side and land exactly where the old bridge did?

I am sorry I ever doubted the outcome. The road now flows gently over the river in a sweeping curve and lands on the eastern shore in the only spot it could. It is smooth and seamless. I feel good when I think there are people among us who know how to design and build something so complicated with such obvious skill. Thanks.

Scott Gibson

East Waterboro