PORTLAND — From one side of town to the other, the Other Side Delicatessen is making its presence known.

Peter Sueltenfuss, owner of the the Other Side Delicatessen on Veranda Street, has leased the former Vaughan Street Variety in the city’s West End for a second location.

Like the original deli, the West End business will combine a butcher shop and sandwich shop.

Sueltenfuss, who opened a 164 Veranda St. in the winter of 2015, said he was looking to grow the store’s brand and was weighing options on how that could be accomplished.

He said when the location at 235 Vaughan St. became available he “couldn’t pass” it up. Sueltenfuss said it was a case of being in the right place at the right time; Vaughan Street Variety closed in June after selling sandwiches, soups and salads for about two decades.

Sueltenfuss is essentially repeating history: his original store replaced Quattrucci’s Variety, which had been a neighborhood staple for decades.

He said the Other Side will likely open on Vaughn Street in January.

Sueltenfuss said there will be a few slight differences in the menu, “but all the favorites will remain the same.” The new location doesn’t have a vent hood or deep fryer, so things like a fried chicken sandwich won’t be on the menu. But he said the differences will “keep it interesting,” and the approach will be the same, selling house-butchered and -cured meats and products from Maine farms.

The menu at The Other Side ranges from breakfast sandwiches to specialty sandwiches like pork schnitzel with caper and egg relish. The deli also sells ready- to-heat meals to go.

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The Other Side Delicatessen, which opened on Veranda Street in 2015, will open a second location in the city’s West End at the old Vaughn Street Market.