If you find the guests attending your upcoming holiday party delightful, but the bills associated with hosting frightful, here are five tips to know. So on with the snow, the glow and the show!

Lose the formal invitations. As you’re looking to cut expenses associated with your holiday party, simplifying your invitations is an easy solution. Instead of paying postage and choosing expensive stationary, print your own or send your invitations digitally through social media or e-mail.

After all, your guests are excited about coming to your party, not the invitations.

Shop smart. When it comes to finding the perfect decorations and supplies for your holiday party, sacrifice on price, not on style.

Big Lots has the things you need to match the taste and feel of any holiday party, all at great prices. Spruce up your space with the elegant silver and white decor of the Shimmer Collection, which will help create a snowy, enchanting ambiance.

And if you want accessories to perfectly match your party’s rustic cabin feel, the Big Lots Woodland Collection is for you. Wreaths, stockings, placemats and more all feature a cozy, natural look. Mix and match delightful owls and festive snowy stars for the perfect setting your guests will adore.

Make the menu a team effort. Planning the menu for your holiday party can be very stressful.

Do you have enough food? Have you kept everyone’s taste preferences and allergies in mind? What’s for dessert, and how are you going to keep this under budget?

Instead of lumping all of this stress on yourself, make menu-building a team effort. When guests ask what they can bring – and they will – tell them a dish of their choice for a potluck offering.

This ensures that everyone will have something they like, and it will help keep your food budget much more reasonable.

Create a signature holiday cocktail. Many holiday party budgets skyrocket out of control because of alcohol-related expenses. However, there is a way you can reduce these costs while adding to the spirit of the event: Just include a signature, themed cocktail for the occasion.

Pomegranate martinis, apple brandy cordials, easy blender eggnog or a drink of your own concoction – any of these are sure to be a hit, and you may just be setting the foundation for an ongoing holiday party tradition.

Send them off with delicious, inexpensive parting gifts. When the party has come to an end and it’s time for everyone to go home, it’s nice to send people off with a little party memento.

You can add the finishing touch to your event by focusing on party gifts that are sweet, not expensive. Portion out homemade cookie dough mix – recipe included – in individual mason jars, or make your own homemade truffles and hand everyone a box.

This little extra effort will save you some money on your side, and your guests will be overjoyed to take their treats home with them.

Hosting a holiday party can be a fun, rewarding experience, and if you plan ahead and budget smart, you won’t have to worry about any after-party financial hangovers.

Start your plans with these five tips, and you’re on your way. To find everything you need for your holiday party, and all of your holiday decor needs, visit www.biglots.com.

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