Without offering proof, Gov. LePage recently cast doubt on Maine’s election results, saying, “… I maintain strong concerns regarding the integrity of Maine’s ballot and the accuracy of Maine’s election results … .” (Page A8, Dec. 3).

What an affront to the hundreds of hardworking Mainers who labored so carefully on election night to accurately count and report the eagerly awaited tallies.

Sadly, though, it was no surprise to once again hear our governor have a tantrum and disparage honorable Mainers. Over the years he has verbally insulted state legislators (en masse and individually), the NAACP and, indeed, anyone who had the temerity to disagree with him.

Many of us have been embarrassed and outraged by his comments and his bullying tactics that brought vengeance to those who didn’t bow to his whims. His remarks have provided fodder for comics and newscasters across the United States and, indeed, throughout the world.

While we respect the office of the governor, we have no respect for the current man who occupies the office and who refuses to respect the citizens of Maine.

Sandra and Ole Jaeger


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