On Dec. 3, my husband and I went to Saco to visit my daughter and family. On our way home to Portland, we were rerouted because of a parade and ended up on Route 112 going north.

We kept going until we saw a sign that said “Buxton,” and I realized we were going the wrong way. I turned around and went back in the direction we’d come but somehow wound up on Route 117.

After turning again, I was completely lost. I pulled into a dead-end street and called my daughter. She told me to use the navigation system on my iPhone, which I am not familiar with.

Just then, a car pulled into the driveway in front of us. I apologized and asked them for directions to Portland. A young couple got out of their car and showed me the way. I thanked them very much and pulled out, only to end up in a ditch.

I got out, very shaken, and saw my car half on the road and half in the ditch. The couple came over, very concerned, and asked if I was OK. The young lady saw how upset I was and started hugging me and reassuring me that everything would be all right.

Then both of them started looking at my car. The young man drove my car out of the ditch; he told me that he thought the car was OK but proceeded to crawl under the car with his flashlight to make sure it was safe to drive.

He told me to follow him and he’d take me to the turnpike. I could not thank him enough, because I was so shaken up and distraught that I could not think straight.

The couple in Buxton were my angels, and I am forever grateful to them for their help, kindness and understanding.

Elizabeth Rennie