I’m appalled by Donald Trump’s cavalier approach to security briefings. These briefings are the most important weapon we have for understanding our friends and enemies.

Unless he has a crystal ball or believes everything that chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, et al., provide him, I don’t see how his being smart can help him understand world politics.

I am very afraid. Aside from his stated policies, which make me shake in my boots, his insistence on denying reality is probably the most destructive nonaction he can take.

Remember 9/11? Remember the conclusion that the conspirators were able to succeed because the intelligence agencies had information that they wouldn’t share with each other? All 17 U.S. intelligence agencies are now cooperating and agreeing, as relates to Russia.

Are Mr. Trump’s interests causing him to take his present positions? Or is he just arrogant, happier to continue his campaign, making appearances in swing states, boasting of his wins? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why he’s doing anything. It’s just that he is.

Rachel Schwartz

South Portland

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