I’ve tried to keep quiet about the anti-Trump protesters, but the newspaper article Thursday (Page C1) about the gas dealer in Skowhegan who won’t sell propane to Donald Trump supporters makes me speak out.

Please, sir: Grow up. You, like many other protesters across the country, are acting like a spoiled little brat because you didn’t get your way.

When Barack Obama was elected president, I, along with many other people, thought he was the worst thing for the country. We, however, accepted the results, knowing that that’s the way our election system works.

Our hope was that he would be gone in four years. He wasn’t, so we moved on and accepted it.

I strongly suggest you do the same, knowing that our country is based on an election process set up by our Founders that has worked as long as we have been a country. Stop whining and move on.

Robert Stinson