Just since Donald Trump’s “election” – while losing by 2.8 million-plus of the popular vote – we have seen the following:

Open defiance of the current president, Barack Obama, by telling China to keep a drone they stole.

Appointment of outright racist Jeff Sessions to be attorney general, the person supposed to protect civil rights.

Appointment of a major climate denier and opponent of the Environmental Protection Agency to run the EPA.

 Appointment of total clown Rick Perry to run the Energy Department, an agency he couldn’t remember but wanted to abolish!

 Appointment of a man who proclaimed that he himself is “unfit” to be a Cabinet officer, Ben Carson, to run the Housing and Urban Development Department.

A crazy Twitter war with Vanity Fair because the magazine dared to post a review critical of a restaurant he owns.

 Statement made to a crowd on his victory tour that Time should abolish Person of the Year and bring back Man of the Year.

Appointment of a woman to run the Education Department who is on record as opposed to public schools.

Appointment as ambassador to Israel of a man on record as saying that any Jew who is not supportive of his right-wing agenda is worse than the Jews who cooperated with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

 Trashing all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and the FBI because they reported the truth: that Russia hacked the Democrats to help him get elected.

This is just a small sampling of the outrageous actions he has taken just since he was “elected.” Any one of them, if done by Hillary Clinton, would have caused a clamor on the right to “lock her up.”

This country has been so desensitized by his continuous crazy behavior that literally nothing he does shocks anymore. That is our fault, not his.

John Riley


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