Maine State Police say they charged a Starks man during a motor vehicle stop in Alfred the day after Christmas, when they discovered several dozen grams of the marijuana derivative called “shatter.”

Shatter is a concentrated THC extract that is highly potent, state police said in a news release about the case.

Marshall Smith, 27, of Starks admitted manufacturing the drugs, according to the news release. He was charged with unlawful trafficking in a Schedule X drug, a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison, as the quantity of the drug was significantly larger than the usual less-than-a-gram dose for personal use of shatter, state police said.

According to the news release, Trooper Adam Schmidt, who is a member of the Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement team, stopped a Nissan Sentra on Kennebunk Road in Alfred for a motor vehicle violation on Dec. 26. Police conducted a roadside investigation, with Trooper Rick Spice assisting, which led to a search of the car.

During the search, 124 grams of shatter was located hidden under the front passenger seat, state police said.

The product is commonly made using butane to extract THC from marijuana, which creates a dangerous situation for the manufacturer and surrounding members of the public, as butane is highly flammable and at times can explode, according to state police.

Marshall was a passenger in the vehicle. He is due to appear Superior Court in Alfred, but no court date was announced.