Well, joy to the world. It was a cheery Christmas thought to read Dec. 23 (“Trump calls for nuclear build-up,” Page A5) that Donald Trump wants to expand the U.S. nuclear program. Not only does he want to expand our program, but he also wants Japan and South Korea to develop their own nuclear program.

Maybe we should lob a couple bombs into North Korea and Iran to get the ball rolling, and then save the good stuff for Russia. After all, what harm could a few dust clouds of radioactivity floating around the planet do?

I still can’t imagine why the common working man who supported Trump, no matter how bad Hillary Clinton is, would want their government run by a bunch of opportunistic billionaires. Hopefully the responsible men and women who represent Maine in Congress can keep the lunatic in check.

At first, I was hoping to survive the next four years with our economy intact. Not to sound overly dramatic, but now I think about surviving it with our lives intact might be the better hope – and peace on earth!

Gary Sprague