I read Wednesday’s story (Page B1) regarding a local fuel oil and propane delivery truck overturning Tuesday morning on Route 22 in Buxton because of ice on the road surface, and it is a long-overdue eye opener about the commuter artery.

Over the past 40 years, I have personally traveled that road in both directions. Though some resurfacing and shoulder repairs have been done, in my view, Route 22 is still a very dangerous highway.

I am not advocating having the road upgraded to a rural version of routes 111 or 196 or even a rural version of the infamous Interstate 295. But Route 22 has one of the most wicked surface crowns of any commuter route in this area, like River Road between Westbrook and Windham had until recently.

With as much commuter and commercial traffic as Route 22 endures, when winter conditions are forecast, this road should have priority for treatment. Route 22 in the Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton areas traverses through residential neighborhoods with light commercial businesses slowly but steadily growing from Westbrook out.

Even with the Gorham bypass (Route 112), trucks like the one that overturned still have to service homes and local businesses on Route 22, with its heavy commuter traffic, every day.

I rest my case.

Dennis Marrotte


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