I urge residents of Durham, Freeport and Pownal to vote “yes” for the Tri-Town Track & Field project Tuesday.

We all know the phrase “if you build it, they will come” from the movie “Field of Dreams.” We know that the high school students will use a facility, but what about community residents?

For those who feel that this is only for the kids and will not benefit the community, I ask them to visit other schools and watch the parade of baby strollers, lunch-hour walkers and senior citizens using their tracks each day.

This facility will be used and used a lot. It is a safe place for people to walk away from traffic and from busy and often uneven sidewalks. So if you do not want to support this project because you feel that it is a school project, rethink it and support it, because it is a community project.

Stephanie Paine

board member, Tri-Town Track & Field


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