You’ve got to love a city that responds to a small request.

Last Tuesday night I was waiting for the snowplow to come back down my street (Higgins Street) after they had plowed from the middle of the road, creating a ridge of snow and ice that was at least 6 feet out from my curb. No one could possibly have parked there.

When they didn’t show up by bedtime, I sent a brief request to several city councilors. At 8 a.m. the next day, Steve Earley, operations manager for the city’s Public Works Department, sent an email asking what street I lived on; I replied and, before 9 a.m., two trucks had responded, plowed back the ridge and treated the surface of the street while they were at it.

Kudos to Public Works for a quick response. The hard work, long hours and weaving through some of our narrow streets make that job a challenging one. I want to thank them.

Anne Haskell


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