Your newspaper continues to print letters from people, such as Linda Rings (Dec. 23), who, either conveniently or willfully, misquote and misinterpret Donald Trump’s statements and policies.

For example: Rings states that Trump bullied Hillary Clinton by referring to her as “crooked” and “lying.”

A quick look at Clinton’s record will show clear evidence that she indeed has performed illegal acts and also that she has been shown – consistently – to have lied under many circumstances, e.g., speaking with the family members of the Americans killed in Benghazi. And, not incidentally, her political policies are inimical to the U.S. Constitution.

Rings goes on to state that Trump “hates Muslims and Mexicans.” The leftists continue to cling to their deliberate misstatements. Trump hasn’t spoken out against Mexicans in general; he has spoken out against illegal aliens from Mexico who have infiltrated this country and commit serious crimes that directly harm Americans.

Trump has also said that he intends to scrutinize, intensely, the background of Muslims coming into the U.S. from unfriendly countries, in order to keep us safe from further attacks by radical Islamists. This policy is not an indictment of all Muslims, as Rings would have us believe.

I look forward to an end to the tiresome and inaccurate tirades from Clinton devotees.

Gloria Burnell


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