Thanks from New Hope

New Hope for Women would like to express our gratitude to all of the wonderful donors who supported our families this past holiday season. The holiday season can be a difficult time for families who want to provide something special for their children and loved ones, especially since many of them— even those no longer living with violence—are still struggling financially to make ends meet. Because of the generosity of these donors, some of our families could rest assured, knowing their children would have gifts to open on Christmas morning, while several of our families enjoyed an elegant meal, thanks to three groups who donated food.

With appreciation and thanks to the following:

The Time Out Pub, Pen Bay Human Resources Department, Midcoast Hospital, Correct Care Solutions, Bank of America, Coastal Orthopedics, First National Banks in Rockland, The Rockland Emblem Club, Vettes of Coastal Maine, The Alna General Store, Juniper Hill School, Boothbay Harbor Family Dollar, Xi Alpha Phi, a local chapter of Beta Sigma Phi; Nola Stone-Anderson, Cheryl Brigham, Shaun Kelley, Becky Hunter Vining and her son Eric, Helene Turcotte and Tony Routh, Danielle Doyon, Melanie Morin, Chrystal Toner, Gail Taylor, and two families who wish to remain anonymous.

Hannah Harter-Ives, Services Program Manager, New Hope for Women

What You Want, I Got Mine.

I have a new theme song for the incoming administration. It is an old UB40 song: What you want, I got mine. Billionaires have no need of affordable health care; they can buy whatever care they need. Congress too has no need to worry about health care. They have the best health care plan money can buy.

Billionaires do not play by the same rules as the rest of us. Billionaires don’t have to stress about paying taxes, they don’t pay any or if they do pay taxes, they don’t pay enough to impact their lifestyle. Billionaires don’t have worries about heating their myriad houses. Such things are a minor expense, hardly worth mentioning. Grocery costs are not even on the radar. They don’t cook for themselves anyway. They fly when and where they like on their jets paying no heed to fuel usage. Climate change is a small fly in their large tub of ointment. Of course they deny it. Furthermore, pollution regulation cuts into profits so is anathema to their way of life.

So what, pray tell, is the present cabinet full of billionaires going to do for the likes of most of us? And what does a Congress fueled by the endless money flowing from big business care for those with minimal resources? The answer is already playing out. They are going to do whatever is necessary to further their way of life, not ours. The march last Saturday was a start, but only a small start. Every one of us has to stand up against the rich and powerful. The voters who elected Trump thought they were doing that. As the policies from the Republicans come forth, those people, I hope, will begin to see the errors in their vote.

Bart Chapin,