Below are nine achievable ways to “re-set” America’s compass in 2017:

 Limit service of U.S. representatives and senators to two three-year terms. Our Founding Fathers never envisioned a professional legislature. Ban working as a lobbyist post service.

 Require public service by all young people. Two-year service options could include the military, Border Patrol, Coast Guard or national parks. This will both save young lives and reduce crime. Completing public service entitles education financial assistance. Implement a similar requirement for immigrants, but with different service options.

 Expand NASA’s charter to include wind, tidal and solar energy, high-speed trains, clean coal technology, etc. Establish regional NASA science centers tied to leading research universities.

 Expand National Institutes of Health research and public education via regional partnerships with leading medical health centers. Make NIH responsible for setting medical policies and protocols utilized by Veterans Affairs, Medicare and Medicaid.

 Deliver basic VA medical services through one or more existing hospitals in each state. Convert current VA facilities into specialized therapy and long-term care centers.

• Revamp farm subsidy programs so that we no longer pay farmers not to farm while we have hungry U.S. citizens. Provide food more effectively to needy people worldwide. Help U.S. small farmers return to the land.

 Reduce prison populations by pardoning more young, first-time, nonviolent offenders – with the condition of required military service.

 Renovate, preserve and better maintain U.S. national parks: our most important tourist attractions. Partner with businesses to enhance the experience but not demean these national treasures.

 Increase the salaries and benefits of our military and intelligence service field personnel. Improve post-service care.

We have many other issues as a nation, but eight of these should receive bipartisan support.

Charlie Galloway


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