I have been on the Trump Train, supporting Donald Trump all the way since March 2016. I believe in my country and care for her future.

Donald Trump loves America and wants to build her up and fix many issues. Being a business leader and a negotiator, he possesses the skills and talents necessary to achieve the Republican Party’s goals.

These goals include preserving and protecting the Constitution; improving and growing the economy; achieving a balanced budget; national security; supporting our troops; fixing our health care; and improving our education system with more school choice and expanded access. For more information, visit gop.com. principles-for-american-renewal.

I am proud of my new president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. He fought long and hard the past 19 months and will continue to fight for America. President Trump will put Americans first. America will rise up and become strong, proud, safe and great again.

President Trump tells the American people to dream big, believe and hope. So let us come together as Americans and help our new president to make America great again.

Crystal Martell


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