According to Benjamin J. Michaud, the American people will suffer the slings and arrows of Donald Trump not just for four years, but for a two-term presidency (“Maine Voices: Here is why Donald Trump will be a two-term president,” Page A6, Jan. 31).

Mr. Michaud claims that Trump’s election has “ushered in a tectonic shift in American business sentiment” that will guarantee a larger business-friendly economic agenda. He also argues that Trump’s “core base is going nowhere.” I assume Mr. Michaud means that his base isn’t going away.

However, the millions of people throughout the country and the world who are responding negatively to Trump’s policies seem to be marching to the sounds of a different drummer.

No, Mr. Michaud. If anything, I seriously doubt this president will finish a four-year term.

Petros Panagakos


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