The controversy and reactions on all sides for and against the so-called “Muslim ban” have all of us concerned and confused, and have fueled frustration that leads to foul actions, distrust and civil unrest, with bodily and property damage happening. Americans are doing this. What are we showing the world?

This is happening because of a legal executive order from our president, and he is the president of all of us, regardless of the signs being carried. He feels that this is in the best interest of our safety at this time, and it is a president’s No. 1 priority to keep us safe.

I have an idea for all those who are against the ban. We all know as Americans that not one group of people should be categorized as a threat to peace, security and the safety of all of us; I went through the immigration process with my wife. Part of the process is that I will be her sponsor and will make sure that she does not become a burden on the state.

Looking at the number of refugees and other seekers of America and the number of protesters in cities across the country, I suggest that each of the protesting volunteers take one refugee who is on the banned list and become their sponsor, making sure they will never be a burden on the state. Problem solved, right?

Michael Welsh

retired sergeant first class, U.S. Army

South Portland