It wouldn’t be winter in Portland without skiing in the streets, in this case Brackett Street (via Rachel Holzer).

The dogs don’t seem to mind the snow, even if it’s taller than Brittany Mayou’s dog in Biddeford.

Becky Shaw’s kids decided to do some stunting formations in Old Orchard Beach.

It’s looking lonely on Peaks!

Jean Turner McQuaid’s mini Aussie digs the snow.

Kari Miller Sawyer’s dog, Tessa, can’t get enough of this weather.

Sue Smith won’t have any problems finding this ball.

Andrea Parker’s daughter,Lila Drewes, gets in some backyard skiing in Damariscotta.

Don’t get too close to Tracey Tindell Montoya’s dog. He will steal your hat and won’t give it back.

Gloria Heal Nicholson’s dog is just chilling out.

Edith Synnefakis’ son takes a ride on the new snow in Scarborough.


The video by Gene Willard shows high tide on a pier in Portland on Thursday.

Christina King wonders if this is Portland or Narnia.