Tom Price is a very bad choice for secretary of health and human services. He appears to have no interest in ensuring that we the people have affordable access to health care. His allegiance is not to us, but to corporate interests that profit from the outrageous prices we pay for health care and drugs in this country – especially those that he is invested in.

We need someone who will fight for us: to rein in the obscene profits and CEO bonuses that go to insurance companies, to arrange for more reasonable drug prices to be negotiated and to make access fair and inclusive of everyone, just as the rest of the developed world enjoys. We need someone for health and human services secretary who at least intends to move the country in the right direction. Price is the opposite.

I urge Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King – and, indeed, all U.S. senators – to vote “no” on Price. The many millions of us who stand to be helped or hurt by this decision will remember.

Nancy O’Hagan


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