The hateful disrespect expressed toward women and law-abiding Muslims has been rightfully met with widespread protests. There is another kind of hatred that also needs our widespread response. It is anti-Semitism, which continues to pollute the world and our environment.

The recent waves of bomb threats to Jewish community centers across the country are unacceptable. Our own Jewish Community Alliance, on Ashmont Street in Portland, was the victim of such threats Jan. 18. Its building had to be evacuated.

I am appalled and offended by these criminal acts, which were accompanied by hate speech. The Jewish Community Alliance’s wonderful staff and clients are our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, my friends. The children in their preschool are our hope and our future.

Although the culprits are not known, I encourage all concerned individuals to protest these ugly crimes in any legal way you prefer.

We don’t have to agree 100 percent on every aspect of Middle East and Israeli conflicts in order to care for our neighbors.

Please let those anti-Semites know that it is not OK for anyone to terrorize our Jewish neighbors. Shalom!

Patricia Council


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