“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the test of our civilization.” This was a statement once made by the civil rights leader who gained Indian independence from the British. The civil rights leader’s name was Mahatma Gandhi; his quote is very relevant to our country’s racial issues today, and especially relevant to the rally that our human rights class organized Feb. 3.

The rally was meant to unite our diverse community, to stand up for the Casco Bay High School students who were threatened and assaulted because of their skin color and to raise awareness that the unjust bans that President Trump placed on countries in and near the Middle East (save for the ones he has businesses in) are clearly targeted toward Muslims.

How is it expected of us to just sit back and watch as all of our close friends deal with the fear of never seeing their family members again? In fact, how is it expected of the students who worry about their families in these banned nations to fully focus on their tax-supported education?

Ten minutes out of our education is clearly not equivalent to the massive time spent worrying about family, or even one’s safety around their own school. It, at least slightly, calms the minds of those who feel unsafe or alone to know that people are standing up and looking out for them.

Vianca Espinosa

student, Deering High School


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