The strange relationship between Caitlyn Jenner and President Trump is now officially strained.

Jenner, a Republican who was one of the relatively few celebrities to attend Trump’s inauguration and who backed him against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, is none too happy with the president she has long defended.

Jenner, an Olympic legend and reality TV star who documented her life after her gender transition in the series “I Am Cait,” took to Twitter on Thursday night to chide Trump for revoking an Obama-era order requiring states to allow trans students to use the school bathroom of their choosing:

“I have a message for President Trump from well, one Republican to another,” she said.

“This is a disaster. And you can still fix it. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community,” Jenner’s message continued.

She ended the message with a plea to the president: “Call me.”

Jenner’s support has been good optics for Trump.

Trump told NBC’s Matt Lauer last year that Jenner was welcome to use whatever bathroom she wanted to use at Trump Tower, during an interview in which he said a North Carolina bill requiring people to use bathrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates “had a lot of problems.”

Jenner’s position of being a defender of Republicans to the trans community has often put her in an awkward spot. In one episode of “I Am Cait,” she explained to her friends that the Republican primary candidates really weren’t so terrible.

“None of the Republicans are ‘I hate trans people’ or ‘I hate gays,'” she said.

Their economic views were more important, she insisted.

“They do nothing of that. I want a thriving economy so every trans person has a job.”

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