In the “good old days,” CEOs were paid in proportion to what entry-level workers made. Companies paid a higher rate of taxes, providing funding for education, infrastructure and the military. What has happened since those good old days? Has greed become the focus?

Currently in America there is a shortage of qualified American workers to fill tech positions, requiring tech companies to hire specialized foreign workers. Why are we not developing well-trained people here? Why don’t these companies invest in American workers by training them?

American companies are making much of their profits from the products consumed in America. It is time for our country to invest in education that is in line with the job skills that are needed in this day and age.

Manufacturing left America for cheaper labor elsewhere. But with labor costs rising elsewhere, jobs will be coming back. When they do many of the “workers” will be robots. Fortunately, many workers will still be needed. The workforce will have to be trained with new skill sets to design the product that the robots will make and to operate robots and service those robotics.

Our government, in partnership with the companies, needs to develop a comprehensive training program to meet this need. The worker of tomorrow will be the same Americans with a different set of skills.

There will always be a need for laborers and service jobs, those who work in the fields, those who deliver a product, sell a product, and various service positions.

Greed has robbed America. We need to take it back by the private sector and government working together – all people, of all persuasions and religions. We are the melting pot of the world. That is what has made us great in the past and will in the future.

Christine Wolfe