The left-leaning national media, and some of our local media, cannot wait to present their point of view and simultaneously omit most of the conservative side of the story. Headline writers are particularly inflammatory with liberal-leaning terms.

We see scare ads showing the repeal of Obamacare with no mention of replacement.

Of course there will be a transition to a better replacement plan. The Republican Party will not discredit themselves by allowing a gap period.

We see many prejudicial references to anti-immigrant issues, incorrectly omitting the word “illegal” before “immigrant.”

Legal immigrants are not the problem. We have seen a hysterical liberal 9th Circuit federal court issue delay orders that stop immigrants from a few countries until vetting processes are completed.

These delay orders ignored the federal law that allows the president to do this.

Anti-Muslim aims were alleged, but 85 percent of the world’s Muslims were not included.

We see articles and hear broadcasts impatiently questioning the Republican promises of reform in government.

The Trump administration has only been in office a few weeks. Doing these things well does take some time.

The anti-Trump people are trying hard to delay and discredit our president, instead of putting their efforts toward serving our country.

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