For many years, as I’ve read the Sports section of the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram, I play a game I call “Spot the Ewings.”

John Ewing is a longtime brilliant photographer for the Portland papers, and picking out his photos is like shooting fish in a barrel. Last Sunday’s Sports section front page was a perfect example: a close-up photo of high school basketball players’ faces, showing their emotions as well as the court action. Brilliant photo.

I then spotted another “Ewing” on the next-to-last page, capturing not only emotion but also body language, players and official included. With Ewing’s photographs, I can “see” what the players are thinking, his photography is that good.

I only hope you keep this guy around shooting his unique photos and allowing me to continue to play “Spot the Ewings.” I can’t lose.

Gary Devoe


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