Upon recently listening to a speech given by Marco Rubio on the Senate floor Feb. 7, I was inspired to put down some of my own thoughts in words.

This speech addresses the need for civility in politics and is a “must listen to” for every American. My thoughts are nonpartisan and written in the hope that we can all come together in an effort to restore America to what appears to be its fading greatness.

I have been experiencing vague but definite feelings of fear for the direction in which I see the mentality of our country going. Marco Rubio was able to home in on the partisan obsession that has overtaken us.

There is no longer give and take in any political situation. Nothing can be accomplished without compromise and understanding. One of the hardest tasks, yet most worthwhile, is to stay silent while another is voicing his or her opinions, then try to genuinely understand the intent of them without criticism. One might be surprised to find that there was some merit involved in the conversation.

This country was made great not by Donald Trump’s bombastic rhetoric, but by rational compromise. It’s not that I believe that there were not vehement arguments put forward by the Founding Fathers; however, we as a country could not have grown to the great strength achieved if partisan hate-mongering had been allowed to persist. The Founding Fathers had optimistic visions for their new country driving them forward.

Instead of concentrating on those lofty visions, our leaders appear to be wasting their energies tearing each other apart in an effort to boost their own sense of self-importance.

Is there no intelligence and common courtesy left? We will be great again if we transfer our self-serving efforts to those expended for the future of our country and civilization.

Carol Blake

Westport Island

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