On Wednesday morning, I made my way through the fog to Westbrook from my home in Gorham, a little over 5 miles. I estimate that at least 20 percent of the cars heading toward Gorham did not have their lights on.

Headlights aren’t always about you seeing the road ahead. Sometimes, like Wednesday morning, it’s about someone seeing you emerging from the fog!

There’s a law in this state that says you must have your lights on if your windshield wipers are on. There are many people who avoid this law by using the intermittent setting. However, not having your headlights on in foggy conditions is more than inconsiderate – it’s dangerous!

Next time someone turns left in front of you during foggy conditions, as your car emerges from the fog like a “ghost ship,” check to see if your lights are on before you curse them for their dangerous driving. Maybe you saw them, but did they see you?

Thanks to those courteous drivers who were on the road Wednesday morning.

Steve Pomelow