I just want to comment on the Maine Voices column about blaming pedestrians for traffic deaths (March 1).

I cannot count the times I have come upon pedestrians walking on the wrong side of road, at night, in dark clothes, with no lights or reflectors. I do hope the police are checking the cellphone and texting habits of drivers who hit them to be sure it was not negligence. But I also have to say the pedestrians do bear some responsibility as well.

I think that news stories that make references to dark clothing and lack of lights or reflectors are good in that, hopefully, they will remind people that they need to help themselves.

Way too often, I have been frightened to see someone just as I passed them. I just want to stop and shake them and say, “Do you realize I could have killed you and I would have had to live with that for the rest of my life?”

Pedestrian deaths are truly horrible, and no victim should be blamed for walking to the store, etc., but please, people: Carry a light or at least wear something reflective. I really don’t want to hit you.

Jan Strout