I’m outraged over Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ misleading the Senate, which The Washington Post reported in the article “Sessions met with Russian diplomat before election, didn’t disclose it at confirmation hearing” (March 1).

The head of law enforcement may have committed a serious crime. This is yet another corrupt Trumpite who met with Russian handlers, then hid that contact.

The topic should not be that he has recused himself from the Donald Trump-Russian espionage case, but what his charges will be. He should immediately be removed from his post.

Republicans went on a witch hunt to get Bill Clinton because he lied about a private affair, but when it comes to all these Russian influences, they act like it’s not a big deal. This is two-faced behavior.

It is time for a McCarthy-style investigation. Let’s root out Russian spies, assets and the politicians who’ve been compromised.

Let’s admit the Russians have pulled off a large-scale, long-term operation to infiltrate our government, at the electoral, executive/nuclear levels.

Anything less than a thorough investigation of Russian espionage that ends in convictions is unacceptable. To fail here would be catastrophic.

We need statesmen before it’s too late.

Matthew Pierce


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