There needs to be an independent special prosecutor investigation on Donald Trump’s involvement in the Russian hacking of the presidential election. Trump benefited greatly from Vladimir Putin’s involvement in our election.

We all heard Trump ask Russia to hack Hillary Clinton, and Putin did.

We all heard Trump say he loves WikiLeaks.

We all heard Trump say he respects and admires Putin. Putin hates Clinton.

We all heard Trump say our world policy is no better than Putin’s.

We all know that Trump kept Michael Flynn’s involvement with Russia from us for two weeks after the FBI told him.

We all know that Trump said Russia did not interfere with the election despite the 17 intelligence agencies that say it did.

We all know Trump’s staff asked the FBI and lead congressional investigators to defuse the media.

We all know that Trump refuses to make his taxes public. What is he hiding?

We all know that when the media reports anything about this Russian involvement, Trump says it is “fake news.”

We all should know that Putin is a fascist brutal dictator. He is one of the richest and most powerful men on earth. Nothing happens in Russia without Putin’s approval.

As an American, an independent and a veteran, I see this as a serious threat to the core of democracy. Even Watergate did not involve Russia. I cannot stress how important an independent investigation of Trump and his staff’s involvement with Russia is.

Bernard McCarthy

South Portland