I was disappointed and disturbed by a Feb. 26 guest editorial and letter to the editor. Thomas F. Shields (Another View) stated that President Trump was being overcriticized and that he deserved (as the headline said) to be “given … a chance” before being so severely covered. In her letter, Dorothy Lewis stated that your paper was not presenting the truth concerning Mr. Trump.

I’d say to Mr. Shields that the avoidance of criticism of an elected official in order to “give (him or her) a chance” is against the principle of free speech and could be interpreted as unpatriotic. His description of the 9th Circuit Court as “hysterical” in its recent decision misrepresents the facts.

I agree that President Trump may have a need to learn on the job and that that will take some time. That process will occur only when the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram and we citizens state our feelings about decisions that we feel are questionable.

I am saddened that Ms. Lewis decided to stop buying the newspaper after her subscription ran out as a result of her feeling that only hate-filled columns and untrue letters are published in the Press Herald. I disagree strongly with this general impression. I do agree that some published letters are inaccurate and unfair.

Isn’t it important for all of us to be exposed to those who disagree as citizens? Should we not, therefore, be stimulated to discuss our differing opinions with our fellow citizens in the interest of understanding ourselves? After letting her subscription run out, Ms. Lewis will no longer be exposed to the opinions of those who disagree with her.

Is it possible that (as The New Yorker recently suggested in a review of a book on the workings of the human mind) many of us select information sources based on confirmation bias?

David Scotton

Cape Elizabeth