In 2016, I got the opportunity to direct the Sanders campaign’s caucus efforts here in my home state. It was an experience that I will be forever grateful for. However, throughout the primary, I read condescending column after condescending column by Cynthia Dill in this otherwise fair and balanced publication.

Sitting in her home in one of the richest municipalities in the state, she used her Feb. 26 column to deride the horrible effects of so-called “Bernie Bros.” While referring to Bernie supporters as “pigs” in one breath, she labels them “bullies” in the next. The cognitive dissonance between what she says and how she acts would be comical if it weren’t so infuriating.

Cynthia Dill – the same woman who couldn’t crack 15 percent in her last election, the same woman who had been absent in helping the Maine Democratic Party the last five years – giving advice about what it’s going to take to win elections is as laughable as Mitt Romney giving advice on how to win the presidency.

Thanks to the wonderful staff and grassroots activists across the state, Bernie Sanders was able to pull off a 2-to-1 victory in the Maine caucuses. Bernie supporters have gone on to join their county Democratic committees; are now a strong majority on the state committee, and many, like myself, got elected to the Maine Democratic Party Executive Committee and are fighting every single day to halt the Donald Trump agenda.

I know for a fact that Cynthia Dill does not speak for Democrats, Hillary Clinton supporters or progressives. If Ms. Dill ever wonders why Bernie supporters feel disenfranchised by the Democratic Party, she need look no further than the reflection on her computer screen the next time she decides to write another insulting and condescending column.

Derek Lane

former Maine caucus director, Bernie Sanders presidential campaign


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