Cynthia Dill’s glib column (Feb. 26) celebrating the Democratic National Committee’s election of Barack Obama’s establishment labor secretary, Tom Perez, as party chairman is once again “off the mark.”

She espouses, “For electoral success in 2018 and beyond, the need for a big tent is obvious, but that doesn’t mean Democrats must give a hero’s welcome to any old pig who wanders in just because he’s sporting the right T-shirt.” Perhaps she should pay closer attention to what’s happening in her adoptive state’s Legislature.

L.D. 78 is a bipartisan bill that, if passed, will permit unenrolled voters to cast ballots in all primary elections. Similar bills have been introduced in legislatures across the nation. Maine voters should call their legislators and voice support for this expansion of the democratic process.

Some enlightened states currently allow unenrolled voters to participate in party primaries. The parties recognize that by engaging unenrolled participation, they increase the likelihood of voter support for their candidates.

Blaming the Democratic Party’s loss across the nation at all levels of government on male Bernie Sanders supporters is counterproductive and irresponsible in ignoring her own candidate’s campaign failings. Otherwise, we would have Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold in the U.S. Senate right now.

Lew Kingsbury