I just learned of the passing of my friend and former colleague Michael Harmon in a shooting late last year.

The “M.D. Harmon” byline was one of the better known in all Maine journalism. It was a distinction he earned through his many years of service to this newspaper and his legions of readers. These included not just those who agreed with him but those who disagreed, sometimes strongly. Say the name, and the response was likely to be either sweeping praise or broad condemnation.

There was no in-between with Michael Harmon, God bless him. He was part of the fabric that made Maine Maine, and that fabric will be a little weaker now.

Farewell, faithful servant of your profession and your faith. You made your mark, and you were fair. Who could ask more of any man or woman?

George Neavoll

former editorial page editor, Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram

Portland, Oregon