Temperatures in Maine haven’t felt very Alaskan this winter, but there’s one way our state could soon have a big impact on America’s only Arctic state.

The U.S. House recently passed a shameful resolution to nullify protections for native animals living in federal wildlife refuges in Alaska. The bill would allow horrific methods of slaughtering majestic animals like bears and wolves – including shooting them at point-blank range in their dens and even tracking them by airplane.

Ten House Republicans admirably broke ranks with their party leadership and voted against this cruel legislation, yet it still narrowly passed.

Now S.J. Resolution 18 is pending in the Senate, and Sen. Susan Collins could end up being the key vote that saves the day for Alaskan wildlife. Collins is no stranger to doing what’s right, even when it means defying Republican Party orthodoxy. And she’s no stranger to animal welfare, scoring a perfect 100 on the Humane Society Legislative Fund’s scorecard.

So what will she do if this legislation comes to the floor? Let’s hope Sen. Collins continues to do the right thing and stand on the side of common sense and compassion for animals. Collins should oppose S.J. Resolution 18.

Please call Sen. Collins and let her know her constituents do not support these atrocities on federal lands that were purchased with and are managed using our taxpayer dollars. Urge her to vote “no” on S.J. Res 18.

Anita Coupe

Biddeford Pool