I understand that the group Prevent Harm is pushing legislation that will make it illegal to sell new furniture treated with flame retardants in Maine. The Department of Environmental Protection (incredibly) does not support this bill because of what they say it will cost Maine residents.

It appears that the DEP is not considering the cost to Maine residents in relationship to the long-term health effects and resulting health expenses that many Maine residents will be saddled with if flame retardants continue to be used in Maine products.

If you have not seen the documentary “Toxic Hot Seat” (trailer: http://tinyurl.com/z83moqz), you should, since it clearly tells the story of these dangerous flame-retardant chemicals and how they are affecting all of us, especially firefighters and small children.

This is one argument that the chemical industry should lose in Maine! I urge the Legislature to protect our state citizens and remove flame retardants from all Maine products.

Sally Wylie