I am a 69-year-old registered nurse who has been unemployed since March 7, 2007. I spent $59,000 on a bachelor of science in nursing degree from a small college in Kankakee, Illinois. I get $957 in Social Security and pay $460 in rent. I’m voting “no” to the new grade school in Brunswick, as I cannot afford it.

On Feb. 21, eight out of nine Brunswick Town Council members voted to raise my yearly taxes so my grandchildren could have a new school. Five out of 10 of us requested a “no” vote at the public hearing that night.

I’m “madder than a hatter” and will not vote for my council member for re-election. Why should I vote for someone who does not even listen to me?

The school proposal will go before voters June 13. Absentee ballots will be available at the town clerk’s office starting March 13. I will be the first to vote “no.”

The Brunswick School Board and Town Council shove a “yes” vote through every year in June to raise our taxes for something. We who are on fixed incomes cannot afford more taxes.

Lucy Derbyshire