SKOWHEGAN — Police Chief Donald Bolduc is going home.

Bolduc, 52, chief in Skowhegan since 2015, is returning to Millinocket, where his wife of more than 30 years and his son, who is recovering from cancer treatments, still live.

Bolduc’s last day as chief is April 7.

“Personally, I’m leaving to return to Millinocket. I’ve been there the majority of my life and my wife works in Millinocket,” Bolduc said Monday. “My family is my priority.”

Bolduc added that he has been frustrated at times in Skowhegan, battling for higher wages for his patrol officers, as he worked to revamp a police department with training and updated equipment.

He said the department recently lost three officers, including a detective sergeant, to other agencies that pay more money.

“In the state and in the nation, we’re seeing less and less people who want to be police officers,” Bolduc said. “With the climate in society and the media, that takes a toll. So it’s very important recruiting people that you can be competitive with your surrounding agencies and provide a fair wage, benefits package and a proactive police department.”

Bolduc said he could not say much more than that because labor contracts between the patrolman’s union and the town are ongoing and he would not want to be accused of “negotiating in public” and upsetting the bargaining process.

“I am grateful for the opportunity, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be chief of the Skowhegan Police Department. You have a great community here,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bolduc accepted a position with the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol deputy. He said his first job in law enforcement was that of a corrections officer at the Penobscot County Jail in 1986.