❄️️ March 12-14, 1939: 21.9 inches

❄️️ March 13-14, 1993: 18.6 inches

Hyped as the “storm of the century,” the 1993 blizzard was relatively forgiving to Maine with 18.6 inches. Parts of upstate New York got over 40 inches of snow from the same storm.

With this blizzard and several smaller snowstorms, 1993 went down in the record books as Portland’s snowiest month of March in recorded history.

Dan Littlefield of Camp Ellis attempts to clear snow from his car Sunday morning, March 14, 1993. “There was a car around here somewhere,” he joked. The Portland International Jetport recorded 16.9 inches of new snow during the previous day’s blizzard and an additional 1.7 inches the next day.

❄️️ March 6, 1887: 17.5 inches

❄️️ April 6-7, 1982: 16.9 inches

In April 1982, heavy snowfall and strong winds combined to leave a number of cars stranded in deep snowdrifts across the city. The 1982 storm remains the biggest April storm in Portland’s recorded weather history – the city hasn’t gotten more than a foot of snow in April since then (although the 2007 storm, listed below, came close).

An abandoned car lies in a deep snow drift on Franklin Street on April 7, 1982, when a late-season storm dropped 16 inches of snow on the city.

❄️️ March 5-6, 2001: 16.5 inches

Matt McAleney returns from checking his father’s business through the tidal flooding on Portland Pier as a storm surge flowed over the area during high tide on the morning of March 6, 2001.

Portland’s fourth-snowiest March on record was 2001, with 40.5 inches of snowfall recorded in total. The Jetport’s weather station recorded an additional 9 inches of snowfall five days after this storm, on March 10, 2001.

❄️️ April 10, 1906: 15.0 inches

❄️️ 2005: 10 inches on March 1-2, 10 inches on March 8-9, and 12.5 inches on March 11-12

The Scarborough High girls’ and boys’ tennis team went out for a workout on the courts on Monday, March 21, 2005, but it was purely a weight lifting exercise. Laura Powers, left, Brad Carlson, and Jack Cowie, right, joined their teammates to clear away the 12 plus inches of snow that remained on the courts.

❄️️ April 2, 1887: 12.5 inches

❄️️ April 4-5, 2007: 11.7 inches

The biggest April storm of recent history delivered nearly a foot of heavy, wet snow over the city. A scant three weeks later, on April 23, 2001, city thermometers recorded a high of 81 degrees.

Chris Duncombe, a Red Sox Intern, put the finishing touches on the seasonal pitcher on the morning of Thursday, April 5, 2007, as greeters in the stadium’s parking lot fielded inquiries on the Sea Dogs’ snowed-out season opener.

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