PORTLAND — For 40 years, Mary Ellen Pallozzi has been selling goods from the Emerald Isle to Portland shoppers.

Pallozzi is owner of Ireland’s Crystal & Crafts, 558 Congress St.

Pallozzi arranges Irish flags in the storefront window display.

Pallozzi – her married name – certainly doesn’t sound Irish, but the 59-year-old Cumberland resident is 100 percent Irish American: Both of her parents moved to the U.S. from Galway.

Up until five years ago, Pallozzi co-owned the store with her father, Michael Furey, until he retired due to illness, she said.

Pallozzi folds an Irish themed scarf.

The store sells crystal, jewlery, clothing, flags and imported foods.

Pallozzi said business picks up around St. Patrick’s Day, but the store is busiest at the height of the summer cruise ship season or during the runup to Christmas.

Pallozzi said the Irish are known for being proud of their heritage and for their happiness.

“They’re easy-going,” she said, “until you cross ’em.”