My husband and I moved to Portland’s Deering Center neighborhood last June from the West Coast. We are in our 30s and ready to start a family.

We chose Portland for all the reasons that make it unique and wonderful: the small-town feel, proximity to beaches and the outdoors, and its progressive culture.

We love our neighborhood, but to be honest, we bought our house with the intention that it would be a two- to five-year house. We want our children to go to a safe and quality elementary school.

The elementary school in our area is Longfellow Elementary, and from all reports, it’s in dire need of structural and mechanical updating. By investing in our schools, we’re investing in our kids, our teachers and our communities. That’s why I believe the City Council should pass the $64 million bond to renovate four rundown elementary schools in Portland.

Even though we don’t have kids now and may not for a few more years, we are very willing to invest $104 per year to improve the quality of our schools. We see it as a benefit for everyone.

Vicky Poole