I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, and I am not a fan of his presidency. However, after reading the letter to the editor by Raviv Ramdial on March 18, I felt compelled to respond.

It seems the left has absolutely lost their mind. Left-wing socialists and anarchists are running around in various cities, wearing bandanas and attacking people as well as public and private property. The left-wing media has gone berserk, going after Trump, showing their true alliance to the Democrats.

And now Mr. Ramdial has translated a single statement by Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican, into “The implications are clear: White supremacists and the terrorism they spread is on the rise.”

Perhaps he could provide a few examples to justify his outrageous comment. I see lots of radical leftists out there burning stuff down and hurting people who refuse to see the world through progressive lenses, but I am not seeing “white supremacists” doing the same.

He says, “We must not let ourselves be lulled into thinking we are safe from persecution here in Maine.” You are not safe here in Maine? Really? So, this man is suggesting that everyone lock your doors, hide the kids, because white supremacists are out there getting ready to attack you at any moment? Just incredible.

I would remind Mr. Ramdial that this kind of nonsensical ranting is being watched by uncommitted voters, as is the behavior of the radical left-wing anarchists.

Foolish diatribes such as this only work to ensure a second term for Trump. If you want Trump to be a one-term president, then work on the problems that resulted in so many people voting for him, who felt left behind by the Democrats. Screaming that we all need to run and hide from the white supremacist boogeyman has the opposite effect.

Dave Johnson