WESTBROOK — The Dirigo Plaza development project will now be constructed in two phases instead of three.

The board on Tuesday unanimously approved the amendment, which was the second phasing plan amendment for the 500,000-square-foot regional retail shopping center at the site of the former Pike Industries property on Main Street. The project was first approved by the board in October.

Attorney Jim Katsiaficas, who represents the company behind the development, J & J Gove Development, presented the updated phasing plan on March 21. The project, at the site of a stone quarry, will include a 99 Restaurant & Pub, a Chick-fil-A restaurant and a Wal-Mart.

The new phasing plan involves constructing the northern and southern portions of the project at the same time, both within three years of when the project was approved in October. The Wal-mart building will still be built within five years.

The first phasing plan was approved in January. At the time, the plan was to construct the southern portion within five years of the October 18 approval date. 

Katsiaficas said the change in phasing is possible because of a new partner on the project, Waterstone Retail Development. The attorney said the business will be working with J & J Gove not only to develop the project, but to do all the marketing and promotion surrounding it. 

The board had no questions for Katsiaficas or the new partner, and had no discussion about the project and its phasing.

In addition to approving the new phasing, the board also restarted the 90-day period in which the developer has to record the project in the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds.

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The Pike Industries land between Main Street and Larrabee Road will become the 500,000 square-foot retail center Dirigo Plaza.