LOS ANGELES — Actor Harrison Ford was concerned about turbulence from a nearby airliner when he narrowly missed a passenger jet preparing to takeoff and landed on a taxiway last month at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, according to air traffic control recordings released Friday.

“I’m the schmuck who landed on the taxiway,” Ford told the tower shortly after touching down in his single-engine Aviat Husky on Feb. 13. “I was distracted by the airliner in moving when I turned into the runway and the wake turbulence by the Airbus.”

Air traffic control had cleared Ford to land on Runway 20L, but he came in on Taxiway C after flying low over an American Airlines Boeing 737 that was holding short of the runway and minutes from taking off. Taxiway C runs parallel to the runway.

Federal Aviation Administration officials say that landing on a taxiway, instead of a runway, is a violation of FAA regulations and can subject a pilot to disciplinary action.

The agency, which is investigating the incident, released the audio recordings of Ford’s air traffic control communications in response to nine Freedom of Information Act requests from the media.

According to the recordings, air traffic control cautioned Ford during his approach to maintain his separation from an incoming Airbus jetliner because of possible wake turbulence. Such turbulence is especially hazardous in the area behind an airplane during takeoffs and landings.

Ford acknowledged the presence of the Airbus.

As he landed, the Husky flew low over American Airlines Flight 1459 with more than 100 people aboard. The airliner was awaiting instructions to take off.